Ye Boomerang History

Me hearties, The Boomerang has a rich history dating back to the ancient year of 2006. It started with a couple of land lubbers – a married duo looking to improve the entertainment offerings in the Washington, DC area. The lass, a buxom beauty with a creative spirit, spent her days as a high school teacher. The lad, an energetic matey with a mind for business, worked as a financial planner. The duo loved taking advantage of DC’s local landscape – one dotted with vineyards, stadiums, rivers, crab shacks, concert venues, and unique pubs & clubs – but they noticed that safe and affordable transportation was sorely lacking. Together, they created Boomerang Tours, a party bus transportation company that organized unique events happening around town.

Quickly becoming a favorite thing for locals in the know, Boomerang added a bus to its fleet each year while increasing its list of nightlife and excursion event offerings throughoutthe DC area.

Well shiver me timbers, they now have a fleet of five buses! And blimey, just like their buses, Boomerang’s creators were always on the move… They didn’t stop there, me lovelies! Itching to test out their sea legs, they decided to follow their passion by expanding from land to sea in March of 2012 with the launch of the 80 passenger Boomerang Party Yacht.

Yo ho ho, this turned out to be a great idea as Washingtonians stormed their gangplank to experience sunset sails, brunch cruises, and more along the Potomac River while enjoying live DJs, frozen cocktails, and panoramic views of our nation’s best monuments.

Longing for even more adventure, the Boomerang creators decided it was time for them to become the saltiest dogs on the river. Piracy, looting, and plundering crossed their minds, but deep in their hearts they felt more Jolly Roger than they did the dreadful Blackbeard. Alas, in April 2013, the Boomerang Pirate Ship was born! With fire engine red sleek paint and the sails blowing in the wind, this sturdy and powerful vessel was custom built just for the Boomerang fleet.  Operating family fun treasure hunt cruises during the day, along with their signature party cruises at night, this 90 person, 54 foot pirate vessel has been protecting the Potomac River- while providing endless memories- ever since!

We invite you aboard to join our crew of friendly pirates, me mateys! Our grog and water cannons will keep you spirits high, and have no fear, only the scurviest dogs will be forced to walk the plank!