Ye Pirate Ship Private Charters

Want to man yer own ship?

The Boomerang Pirate Ship is the perfect vessel for you and your best mates.  Don’t get marooned on land as your deckhands head out to sea with all the lovely lasses!  No matter what the occasion, celebrate pirate style with the Boomerang on board our 84 passenger double-decker Pirate Ship! 
Please contact Kelly, our sales director, for more information on swabbing our decks and plundering the Potomac with ye ship full of scurvy dogs (um, we mean if you would like to reserve a private charter). or 202-695-6597

Please include the following information in your email: 

The Boomerang Pirate Ship Charter Fact Sheet:

Did you know that you can have a party on board without chartering the whole boat?

Many guests inquire about having a private party on a Boomerang Pirate Ship, only to find out that it is just as fun & often more cost effective to have everyone sign up individually for a regularly scheduled cruise.   

Here is the best way to accomplish this:

Did you know that in addition to our Pirate Ship, we offer 4 different cruises on our sister ship - the Boomerang Party Yacht?

(And don’t forget about our fleet of Party Buses & our Limo too, matey!)